Mt Keen – (277) – 23rd November

Today’s outing was decided based on Joe’s interest in getting out on the bikes, and Jamie’s interest in having a relatively short and easy day prior to the 5th annual running of her birthday miles with Carrie the following day (and wishing we’re still 21 doesn’t mean we can only run 21 miles!). So, it was Mt Keen for us today, joined by Joe, Steve (a newbie on the Munro Challenge), Carrie and Chuck. Carrie attempted hero-status by doing the ride with slick tires, but was at least sensible enough to ditch her bike before the ice made the decision for her.

Joe, Steve, and Andy rode/pushed/carried their bikes to the top claiming that a descent down an icy track without ice spikers would be “fun.” Luckily they arrived back down safe and sound, though Joe was down an innertube after an impressive snakebite puncture had him deflated in an instant! Meanwhile, Jamie, Carrie and Chuck jog/walked the descent back to where we’d sensibly left our bikes!

Jamie, Carrie, Chuck, Steve, Joe and Andy on Summit of Mt Keen

Jamie, Carrie, Chuck, Steve, Joe and Andy on Summit of Mt Keen

Andy stopped on the way back to check out the well that Queen Victoria visited once upon a time, somewhat disheartened to realise that the route to get there as a diversion from the main track involves tramping through a bog!

The five of us met up again further down the track for the blast back to the cars. Andy, Steve and Joe hadn’t had quite enough mountainbiking for the day so they ventured off to take a bit more in, while Jamie, Carrie and Chuck made a brief pit stop for cakes before driving to the Borders in advance of the Jamie/Carrie annual running of the birthday miles (and sadly we’re not 21 anymore!).

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