And Thanks Go To . . .

Cheers to the Challenge!

Cheers to the Challenge!

We owe many people a Big Thank You for their contributions to this challenge (click on their images to see the pics a bit better). Watch this space for more to come . . .

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Joe & Gaynor: For their company and mad mapping skills. Not to mention their mad map-printing to get as many munros on a sheet of A4 as humanly possible! For Gaynor’s early morning drop-offs and for not making fun of Jamie when she’s even more dysfunctional at Monday yoga than usual after a big bagging weekend. For assistance with this website and for their constant words of encouragement and enthusiasm (especially if ski touring involved!). Gaynor is like a stealthy blog superhero who sweeps in, does good deeds, then vanishes with fun traces for Jamie to find! And, of course, to Joe for driving our car back ’round to the finish of our epic on h-Ulaidh!

North Glen Lochay from J's camera (4)Darren: For his company and good cheer; and for assurance that there is always sweet tea in a bomb-proof flask at the ready! It’s always motivating to know he’s coming along for a day out, especially because he’ll already have been awake for 3 hours snapping wildlife photos before we’ve even considered making a move!

North Glen Lochay from J's camera (7)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Carrie & Chuck: For gifting us our essential planning map! We’d still be working out plans for February if it hadn’t been for the big picture! For joining us on so many days out, even though Chuck puts us to shame by adding Corbetts into his day on top of blazing a trail; cutting steps in ice and snow; and setting a pace that we fear may bring on heart attacks!

North Glen Lochay from J's camera (12) North Glen Lochay from J's camera (5)Norah: For coming out with us for a lovely summer’s day, and for still smiling even after that day involved beasting up Grade 1 ice climbing terrain with zero vis, frozen hair, and all while wearing the wrong colour (or so she says)!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABrendan: For his mad climbing skills and impressive style up the TD Gap and Naismith’s Route, along with his constant encouragement and reassurance to Jamie to make sure there were no tears and snotters on the Cuillin. For putting aside his sense of self-preservation to follow behind Jamie on some of the tougher climbing sections, knowing fine well that if she fell he’d likely be taken out, too! And for not only knowing where some sneaky water sources might have been but also for dropping down from the ridge to collect said water.

Chlorine Tablets: For being invented to add to Brendan’s “water source,” mentioned above, one of which was a stagnant pool:)

Nicola for Thanks

Nicola: For contributing to our snack needs with chocolate cream eggs; and for our Monday evening walk debriefs – essential for everyone’s sanity!

Moira pics for thanks (2)Brian pic for ThanksBrian & Moira: For Monday Morning Munro Meetings; and for the walks by Jamie’s desk to make sure she’s not fallen asleep in a heap underneath!

Christopher for Thank you postChristopher: For passionately defending our sanity when his parents suggested that we might be crazy undertaking such a challenge!

Bosco: For the headtorch loan after Jamie’s decided to start randomly turning on and off – probably attempting to start a kit revolution on the h-Ulaidh!

Lucy for Thanks

Lucy & Kipper: For being more excited about this challenge than we were when we shared our plans! And for putting us up and making us yummy preparation food in advance of our Cairngorm ski tour.

Justin: Despite the fact that he has a toddler running around Justin offered his words of blogging-wisdom to help Jamie pretend like she knows what she’s doing at a computer! For the record, though, Jamie was the first to cull the camel! 🙂

36 pieces of sportynessThe climbersJenny & James: For travelling hundreds and hundreds of miles to join us in our Challenge, bringing good chat and good cheer despite the fact that they were shocked to see snow on the hills in May and perhaps slightly underestimated how fickle the weather here really can be! And a debt of gratitude for the imported 36 pieces of sportyness. Crucial to the snack bag!

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  1. I could do with a ‘Brendan’ – I had to hire a guide for most of the Cuillin Munros which cost me an arm and a leg! I’m still having to hire guides to finish the Cuillin Munro tops too.

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