We’re attempting to climb every single one of the 282 Munros in Scotland in 2013, while working full-time and raising money for great causes!

Loch Daimh Day

We kept the challenge  a secret from many for a few months, avoiding the public commitment in case we came to the realisation that we were in over our heads. But now the secret is out so we hope you enjoy our tales of glory and woe; stellar conditions  and “Scottish” conditions; and maybe you’ll even join us for a peak or two!

For those who will follow us over the course of this challenge but “aren’t from around these parts” and don’t have an appreciation for the magnitude of the challenge, rest assured that the elevations we’re reaching might not be a Colorado 14’r  but these  mountains are no walk in the park and will no doubt push us physically and mentally in the coming year, as we tackle some of the best Scottish mountaineering has to offer. We would recommend a visit to learn about the original Mr Munro who co-founded the Scottish Mountaineering Club and created the original table of these, the highest peaks  in Scotland: (we are working from the current revision)

Another most useful resource is MunroMagic: or, if you’d prefer something that doesn’t require www check out The Munroist’s Companion, by Robin N. Campbell.

Follow our progress on this ever-changing site . . . We welcome your comments, route suggestions, and company throughout the miles to come! And, of course, thanks for your sponsorship!North Glen Lochay from J's camera (2)

We’ve recently been made aware of  “Rampant Munrosis: the Scottish Disease,” including several variations of which we (or Chuck) may be symptomatic:

1. Munrosis vulgaris: the common form, in which normal mountain activity is overtaken when one realises several Munros have been climbed, and it would be a worthwhile challenge to try to climb them all.

2. Secondary Munrosis: a second cycle of the disease accompanying someone else experiencing a first cycle of the disease.  Yes, Chuck. This means you.

Others scattered throughout the posts . . .


10 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Jenny

    Oh my gosh!…which ones do we get to do with you?!?! Your adventures look amazing’ although I do hope for a lack of snow and some sunshine when we visit (here’s to ignorant optimism, right?…).

  2. Helene Moss

    To say I am impressed would be an understatement! I look forward to following you along in your travels. It’s the closest I’ll ever get to climbing the Munros. Good luck to you both!

  3. Hope you can keep up with Jamie! Looks like we will have to load you up during training though to slow you down!!!! Hope to join you and perhaps provide transport support at some stage?

  4. Morgs

    Have just done some research and have seen that some chap called Stephen Pyke climbed all the munros in 40 days… Am not so impressed by this challenge any more!! ;op

    • Did your new idol manage to hold down a full-time job at the same time? Actually, he probably did because I imagine he’s a super hero! Did he also spend lots of nights in a car with his partner without them killing each other? Or take a weekend off to push other people’s kids around a garden in a wheelbarrow?!. . . that’s all part of the challenge! We’ll try to up our game for you, morgs:)

  5. Lesley Taylor

    Have just caught up,really impressed with you guys. Now understand why Andy needed new boots!
    Enjoy! loveXXX

  6. Enjoyed meeting you guys in Coire Lair at the weekend. Good luck with the rest of it.

    • Thanks, Robert! Was great to meet you, too, though the scree descent that followed our meeting left Jamie a bit less enthusiastic! A beautiful day out in the hills!

  7. Ian Folly

    Great to meet and spend a couple of hours with you guys yesterday on Beinn Fhada/A’ Ghlas-bheinn. Hope you had a safe journey home: I had one of those ‘huge stag in the headlights at 60mph’ moments on the A82. I think I may have closed my eyes and hoped it just stayed off to the side where it stood; as I am still here to write this, I guess it did!

    Hope you enjoyed your Supernoodles; my enormous bowl of homemade chilli was superb!

    If you have chance on one of your trips up here, give me a shout and I’ll take you to that great pub I mentioned – but only if Jamie has pie!

    Best to you both, mad though you are.


  8. Liz Farnell

    What a fantastic effort ! Nearly there. Good luck with the last few. We will do our best to come over tonight to join in the celebrations.

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