Where it all began

Despite having been together for eleven years the Proposal came as quite a surprise! There we were, in a remote bothy on Knoydart, arguably some of the most remote terrain in mainland United Kingdom. We had slept in the car the night before – practical and cosy – and now found ourselves all alone in the shelter of the bothy looking at maps making plans for the following days; dinner made; wine poured. Andy suddenly seemed nervous and unsure of himself. “So, I was thinking . . . it’s the start of a New Year . . . maybe it’s time . . . to consider . . . what if? . . .” The suspense was palpable. Was this about to be the scene of a girl’s dream? Romantic, secluded, idyllic? Was he about to pop the question? Was she about to say, “Yes!”?

Luckily for Andy the words that solidified the nature of his proposal met his girl’s approval: “What if we try to climb every single Munro in a calendar year?” “Yes, I will!,” came the reply, followed quickly by, “wait, is that crazy? How many are there?” “Roughly 280, though I can’t exactly remember.” “Hmm, yeah, I think now you’ve said it we have to . . .” Gauntlet thrown (accidentally? But Andy should know by now that mentioning such a thing to Jamie, even jokingly, is a recipe for disaster!). And this sounded like a prime opportunity for making A LOT of lists!!!

And so it began, on the night of 3rd January 2013 that Andy and Jamie began their Munro climbing challenge.  To climb all 282 peaks in Scotland above 3,000 feet before the bells ring in 2014! Who needs time to plan?!


3 thoughts on “Where it all began

  1. MOM

    This post is laugh out loud funny and so you! I loved it, good luck to you, I guess Lunas should be sent soon!

    • J & d

      This is such a big challenge. If anybody can do it, we know you can ! Good Luck.
      Love, Jerry & debbie

  2. Lesley Taylor

    You two are crazy! But I know you’ll do it – hope you don’t lose many more toe-nails on the way.! Mum

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